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The X2 Chronicles is the fortnightly Bulletin developed by X2 showcasing all the activities by X2 Members & all the latest updates by the X2 Team. 


Richard’s Thank you Letter


When I founded The X2 Group in 2012 ( has time really gone by that fast?!?) I made sure that the Network would follow one golden rule:

A Network is only as good as the members that are part of it.

Every Member of X2 is part of the X2 Eco-System. My team & I work tirelessly to go above and beyond for our members.

When i founded the company 5 years ago it was just me and my laptop working day and night to build a Network that everyone would be proud to be a part of. Today I have a dedicated team of 19 talented individuals from all over the World who speak over 10 languages.

How is X2 Different from other Networks?

I am extremely happy to receive this award. But, it is not X2 that won, but all the Members of X2 who truly earned this recognition. Our aim is to be the most professional Logistics Network in the World. And in accordance with that, we have done more & implemented more than any other Network in the World. (Click here to find out what makes X2 different from other Networks)

X2 is based upon our directive and expectation of professionalism. We go the extra mile where others are unwilling to go or simply just cant be bothered or have to resources to go.

X2 Conference

Every network worth its salt has an Annual Conference. During this time, all the members get together under one roof and meet with each other either during the cocktail reception / the Gala Dinner / during the 1:1 Meetings. But not all members can attend the annual conference either due to scheduling conflicts / location. Hence my team & I have set up a schedule where we try to hold X2 conferences at all continents and provide maximum chances for members to meet each other. Our most upcoming event is X2 SEA, that is to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on the 4th of September. Click the image below to view more details.


To Finish off, I would like to thank each & every member part of X2, if not for you then there would be no us. And I would like to thank my team, who work with passion to help X2 reach new heights.



The X2 Team Visits the Asia Cold Chain & Warehousing show held in Bangkok, Thailand.


What is the Asia Cold Chain Show?

Asia Cold Chain Show (ACCS) is an International exhibition & conference on cold chain, cold logistics, temperature controlling, refrigeration, storage, distribution and cold supply chain sectors.

It aims to bring Decision makers and buyers from every aspect of the user industry to find the very latest solutions and technologies. In its 2016 edition in Bangkok, the event featured 80 exhibiting companies showcasing over 250+ solutions and about 5,814 attendees from 34 countries visited the event.


At X2 it is one of the top priorities to keep up with the global trends. To be aware of all the industry changes. This then allows us to

inform all our members and keep them in the loop.

The show garnered contribution from leading associations including Warehouse Silo and Cold Storage Business Association. Cold Chain Association of Indonesia, Federation of Cold Storage Association of India, Agriculture and Food Marketing Association for Asia also contributed. The Pacific, Hong Kong Logistics Association, Thai Airfreight Forwarders Association, Federation of Malaysia Freight Forwarders and Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia are some of the other noted contributors.

Many topics were covered during the 3 day Conference.

Prominent conference topics covered:

  • Evolution of cold chain as the spine of food business in ASEAN.
  • Explore the business opportunities in supply chain & temperature controlled logistics in key emerging markets of ASEAN.
  • Monitoring solutions: a case study in improving compliance, operational efficiency and providing full visibility in the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  • Building an efficient risk management, packaging and monitoring strategy to develop and maintain quality of the cold chain process.
  • Evaluating importance of reefer transport solutions to maintain quality standards of fresh produce.

There are a number of reasons why X2 is different from every other Logistics Network in the World. And also a reason why it is also titled “The Most Professional Logistics Network in the World”. One of the main reasons is that there is constant networking, & not just once every year during the Conference. At X2 the Networking is yearlong.

X2 C.E.O Richard Overton pays utmost importance to visiting and meeting X2 Members whenever & wherever possible. He strongly believes that maintaining relationships, listening to feedback & discussing opportunities is the key to a strong and cohesive group of professionals looking to grow and develop global trade lanes.

Richard visiting X2 Founding members Richwell Global Forwarding: Evelyn Khoo & Stephen Yeo

Richard visiting X2 Founding members Richwell Global Forwarding: Evelyn Khoo & Stephen Yeo

Richard with X2 Founding Member Prem Singh from Arian Worldwide Logistics

Richard with X2 Founding Member Prem Singh from Arian Worldwide Logistics

Richard visiting the office of X2 Critical Member JHJ Singapore

Richard visiting the office of X2 Critical Member JHJ Singapore

Richard at the AEO Logistics warehouse

Richard at the AEO Logistics warehouse

2nd Asia Warehousing Show, most popular and comprehensive exhibition for intra-logistics industry is around the corner.
Asia Warehousing Show 2017Asia Warehousing Show 2016 co-located with Asia Cold Chain Show to be held from 27-29 April 2017 at BITEC, Bangkok is organized by Manch Exhibitions (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Primary exhibitor focus of the event is warehousing, cold storage, temperature controlling, refrigeration, supply chain, logistics, materials handling, WMS, cleaning and storage solutions. Over 100 companies will be showcasing products and services across the supply chain.

“We have seen a tremendous response from the exhibitors who have interest in the Southeast Asia market. We are promoting this show in ASEAN countries to get the prospective buyers from all over the region”, said Kiran Mittal, Managing Director- Manch Exhibitions (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

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This Week’s of the X2 Chronicles contains all the highlights from the 4th Annual X2 Conference. Inside you will find all the images from the Conference. Richard’s personal thank you letter to all the delegates who attended. Also all the News outlets the Conference was featured in. 


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